There are well over 1000 idea creation techniques under the general title of creativity. The product of many creative minds. A few of the more famous are Edward de Bono, father of lateral thinking, Arthur B VanGundy for his work on structured problem solving and Tony Buzan for his popularisation of the Mind Map.
This section includes a few of the more traditional concept generation methods and I am endebted to Gul Kremer for her input to these techniques. The objective of concept generation methods is to help the individual or a group generate ideas by encouraging divergent thinking and/or to see the generated concepts in a fresh way, perhaps with new connections to other artifacts.
There is no best technique to use, it is far better to be aware of as many of them as you can so you are armed with a range of techniques from which you can choose one that you think might be good for your particular problem solving or idea generation situation. Often use of more than one technique in combination yields more ideas - experiment and have fund.
  • Perhaps the best known of all creativity techniques is brainstorming. Using the technique correctly, or lets say getting the best out of it, requires the following of a set of rules.
    This module tells you about Brainstorming, its origins, its rules and gives you some examples. It also provides you with some exercises you can try for yourself to develop your competence in its use as an individual and, as a separate set of exercises, in groups.