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External Assessor's Questions
by Tony Ward - Monday, 5 July 2010, 01:01 PM
Heiner asked us for a response to 5 questions. Here is what I gave him. The questions are the objectives of the overall ELLEIEC Project
Question 1. To faster exchanges of information on educational systems by central gateway
The Virtual Centre for Enterprise is the central location for the bite-sized enterprise related modules and the central gateway through which students and lifelong learners and mentors will come together for the purposes of skills development.
Question 2. To standardize recognition of diplomas, qualification and study periods
Modules within the Virtual Centre for Enterprise will be standardized to 1 European Credit Unit size represented by 25-30 student study hours. The modules will be offered to institutions as credit bearing modules students can take as part of the qualification they are registered for; and to lifelong learners who wish to upskill. The content can contribute to programmes at the Diploma, Bachelor and Master level depending on the specific needs of the study programme.
Question 3. To stimulate student and staff exchange and startups cooperation
The Virtual Centre for Enterprise section of the project contributes to staff exchanges through its regular meetings and its network of partners; to student exchanges by providing language development as an optional element of learning as part of the student's preparation for study abroad. The content of the Virtual Centre for Enterprise is dedicated to the development of enterprising and entrepreneurial skills and is, therefore, a catalyser for new startup businesses.
Question 4. To develop joint mobility network and teaching materials
A considerable body of teaching materials are being developed for the Virtual Centre for Enterprise which will become one of the International Collaborative Networks within the overall ELLEIEC project. It will use the project network for pedagogical experiments further strengthening the relationship between participating institutions and open the door to further and ongoing mobility actions.
Question 5. To participate in mutual quality assessment of e-learning tools
Modules within the Virtual Centre for Enterprise are being implemented with quality in mind. The achieved quality will be assessed in the latter stages of the project. Quality Assurance of the Virtual Centre for Enterprise will be encapsulated in a quality manual.